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Haeng-Jik Kim Wins 2017 UMB World Cup Porto Featured

Haeng-Jik Kim, Korea's four-time world junior champion, at age 25 has won his first World Cup in Porto, Portugal. In the FC Porto arena, the best of all the "Kim's" was never in trouble throughout the main event. In a stunning turn, nine of the world's top-10 players were eliminated in the knock-out rounds leading up to the final match. And in that final match, Haeng-Jik Kim got the better of Vietnam's Nguyen Quoc Nguyen finishing 40-34 in 23 innings to take the crown.


Marco Zanetti Wins His 26th Italian Title Featured

Marco Zanetti has conquered an incredible 26th Italian 3-cushion title. The best Italian billiard player in history defeated Emilio Sciacca in the final match 40-34 in 29 innings. Zanetti's tournament average was 1.786 and his high run for the event was 10. Pictured above Zanetti (right) receiving congratulations and proudly holding his well-earned trophy.


David Martinez Wins Spain's National 3-Cushion Title Featured

He could hardly believe his eyes, 25-year David Martinez, when he made his last point and crowned himself the new Spanish champion in three cushion. The brilliant last sprint in the final match against Dani Sánchez was rewarded with the title. Pictured above (L to R) Dani Sanchez, Champio David Martinez, Ruben Legazpi and Javier Palazon.


Eddy Merckx Wins 2017 World Cup Ho Chi Minh City Featured

The 2017 World Cup held in Ho Chi Minh City ended in dramatic fashion as Eddy Merckx mounted multiple come from behind victories to achieve his goal. His effort led to the defeat of several top14 players and former world champions as he secured his eighth World Cup title. Torbjorn Blomdahl playing a great tournament succumbed in the final in a see-saw battle that saw the lead change five times. Complete story, charts and image gallery follows. Also see Part 1 - The Qualification Rounds.

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