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2nd UMB World Cup of 2017 - Luxor, Egypt Featured

The second UMB World Cup of the 2017 season is underway. Set in the historic city of Luxor, Egypt and running from March 26 through April 1, six Gabriels tables will be the battlefield in the Augusta St George Hotel ballroom. Unlike previous World Cup events only 124 players initially inscribed. The top 14 players in the world all confirmed and will appear beginning on the fifth day when the main tournament begins. Multiple qualification rounds in 3-man round robin groups will whittle the field of hopeful challengers down to just 15 who will join the top players and three wildcard entries for the single elimination format to determine the champion.


Nguyen Quoc Nguyen of Vietnam 2017 Asian 3-Cushion Champion Featured

Nguyen Quoc Nguyen has vaulted on to the world stage and cemented the reputation of 3-cushion billiards in Vietnam by winning the 2017 Asian Federation Championship. The final four consisted of three players from Vietnam and only one from the Korean contingent. Pictured above (L to R): Sung-Won Choi (Korea), Champion Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (Vietnam), Runner-up Anh Vu Duong (Vietnam) and Ngo Dinh Nai (Vietnam) who shared equal third place honors with Choi..


Sung-Won Choi & Jae-Guen Kim of Korea Win World Team Championship Featured

Two star players representing Korea were all smiles as they stood on the podium during the honor ceremony of the world championships for national teams in Viersen, Germany March 12, 2017. The 39-year old Sung-Won Choi (above right) and 44-year old Jae-Guen Kim (above left) won the first world team gold for a Korean national two-some. Their victory over Frederic Caudron and Roland Forthomme of Belgium in the final (40-34 in 24 innings) was broadcast live in their home country, with more than 1.2 million people watching. The new champions were overcome with joy and emotion in the aftermath of their great victory.


World Champion Dani Sanchez Wins Supercup and Player Of The Year Featured

What a glorious time in the life of Dani Sanchez (above left). In 2016 he won the World Championship title for the fourth time. That qualified him to face the great Dick Jaspers (above right) who was the 2016 overall World Cup winner. The two met on Saturday March 4 in Antwerp Belgium to compete in the prestigious Supercup founded by Ludo Dielis. The unique match format - best 4 of 7 in a race to a short 7 points - was exciting and dramatic. In the end Sanchez was the victor and enjoyed an immediate second honor as he was named 2016 Player of the Year.


Frederic Caudron Wins The 2017 UMB World Cup Bursa Featured

Frederic Caudron of Belgium with a final match the likes of which have never been seen before - a performance for the ages - defeated Dick Jaspers to win the 2017 UMB World Cup Bursa. Caudron's scoring onslaught with runs of 12, 10 and 11-and-out resulted in a 40-14 win in only seven innings for a mind-boggling 5.714 average. Jaspers retains his number one ranking winning 54 points for a total of 432 with Caudron earning 80 points and not far behind at 392. Our story and pictures follow.

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