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2 Qual Stages Lead To Main Event At Verhoeven Open

The 2017 Verhoeven attracted its largest field ever - a total of 137 players. 41 players from the United States met 96 players from around the world in a week of non-stop billiards. We say non-stop and we mean it. The tournament format with two round robin stages and a knock-out stage is truly unique. Add to that the electric atmosphere of the historic Carom Cafe in New York and you have one of the greatest - and strongest events - ever played on U.S. soil.


3rd UMB World Cup of 2017 - Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Qual Rounds (Part 1)

The World Cup returns to Ho Chi Minh City, VIetnam for the third year in a row. A full inscription of 149 players, dominated of course by the Asian contingent from Vietnam, Korea and Japan, do battle from May 22 to May 28 in the 3rd tournament of the 2017 UMB World Cup Series

Playing on eight tables from the Korean manufacturer Min, the 149 participants in the event include 105 from the Asian continent (59 Koreans, 32 Vietnamese and14 Japanese) In addition one American, three Colombians, five Egyptians. and 35 European players have made the arduous journey to Vietnam (the largest group of 16 coming from Turkey.).We will follow the action day by day to see who will shine, who will surprise and ultimately who will prevail. The format of the World Cup events: Multiple qualification rounds in 3-man round robin groups, whittling the field of hopeful challengers down to just 15 who join the top 14 players and 3 wildcard entriants for the 32-man single elimination format that determined the champion. (See the final results in Part Two!)


European Championship 2017 Held in Brandenburg Germany

Three cushion billiards may be the most popular of the carom games here at 3CushionBilliards.com but it is only one of many challenging disciplines that will be on display as the 2017 European Championships recently completed in Brandenburg, Germany. The sport of carom billiards continues to remain popular in the European countries as witnessed by the many junior players who have come to test their skills alongside some of the world's must illustrious stars.


2nd UMB World Cup of 2017 - Luxor, Egypt Qualification Rounds (Part 1)

The second UMB World Cup of the 2017 season was won by Dani Sanchez of Spain. This is Part 1 of our full coverage of the event through the qualification rounds. Part 2 of our coverage, the main event through the final, can be found here - Dani Sanchez Wins World Cup in Luxor, Eqypt.

Set in the historic city of Luxor, Egypt and running from March 26 through April 1, six Gabriels tables were the battlefield for the combatants in the beautiful Sonesta St George Hotel ballroom. Unlike previous World Cup events that were fully inscribed, only 124 players were on the list of players this time. Nonetheless, the top 14 players in the world all confirmed and would first appear on the fifth day when the main tournament commenced. Multiple qualification rounds in 3-man round robin groups preceded, whittling the field of hopeful challengers down to just 15 who would join the top players and three wildcard entries for the 32-man single elimination format that determined the champion.


Former US Champ George Ashby Wins Rushville Open

Former USBA National Champion George Ashby is a repeat winner in the Spring 2017 Professor-Q-Ball 3-Cushion Rushville Tournament that took place March 9-12. Fred Lamers took second place and Felipe Razon was third in a field of 30. The event was held for the eighth time, being a perennial and much anticipated tournament since 2013, that year the first win by Ashby.