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Haeng-Jik Kim Defeats Lufti Cenet In World Cup Final!

The 27-year-old Korean Haeng-Jik Kim has won his third World Cup in his career in Veghel in the Netherlands. The former four-time junior world champion defeated the Turk Lütfi Cenet in the final in a crowded house after a miraculous come-back, 40-35 in 21 innings. The victory, after trailing 21-1 in three innings, looks even more spectacular, because Kim lost his first two matches in the tournament and returned from a precarious position. "This makes me very happy," said the amiable Korean after the ceremony in the arena. Pictured above (L to R): Duc Anh Chien Nguyen. Antonio Montes, Lütfi Cenet and the winner Haeng-Jik Kim.


Caudron Breaks the Ice Winning His 1st PBA Event

Belgian Frederic Caudron, the best known player in the newly formed PBA league in Korea has won his first event. The TS Shampoo tournament was the 4th in the fledgling organizations ambitious schedule. After three disappointing results at the start of the league play, Caudron finally found his rhythm to top the field and score a big win and the $84,800 first place prize.

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