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Minh Cam Ma Wins International Tournament In Houston Texas

An International event, the first for the city of Houston, Texas, was held at US Bida (US Billiards.). Players from Vietnam, Ecuador and the United States met on eight Verhoeven tables from November 17 to 19. The event was won by visiting Vietnamese player Minh Cam Ma. Cam had just come off an incredible 3rd place finish in the World Championship held in Bolivia only two weeks before. He went undefeated in the tournament with a final win against US and Pan-American Champion Pedro Piedrabuena who placed second.

Pictured above (L to R): Pedro Piedrabuena (2nd), Minh Cam Ma (1st), Anh Vu Duong (3rd) and Quyet Chien Tran (4th). in the gallery that follows we have all the charts from the event and photos of the venue and players. (Click any image to start the slide show.)


USA Tournament Results September-October 2017

US 3-cushion billiard tournament activity for September and October 2017 brought us four events in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest regions. Players came to Minneapolis, MN, Ashland, OR (Two events back-to-back!) and Rushville, IL to meet up and do battle. The events consisted of both USBA sanctioned tournaments for members and regional activity for the local players.


Jae Ho Cho Wins 2017 Verhoeven Open

Exhibiting his typical calm and confident style, Jae Ho Cho (3rd from left above) of Korea won the 2017 Verhoeven Open Tournament held at the 3-cushion billiard palace - Carom Cafe in Flushing, New York. Facing some of the toughest competitors in the world in the final single-elimination stage, Cho bravely knocked down win after win.


2 Qual Stages Lead To Main Event At Verhoeven Open

The 2017 Verhoeven attracted its largest field ever - a total of 137 players. 41 players from the United States met 96 players from around the world in a week of non-stop billiards. We say non-stop and we mean it. The tournament format with two round robin stages and a knock-out stage is truly unique. Add to that the electric atmosphere of the historic Carom Cafe in New York and you have one of the greatest - and strongest events - ever played on U.S. soil.

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