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Andreas Efler's Roller Coaster Ride: From Worst Loss to Champion! Featured

Andreas Efler had the most incredible week of his life - reaching both highs and lows in a roller coaster ride of emotion. The Austrian player was first treated by Dick Jaspers to an unbelievable punishment in a 40-0 defeat in only 4 innings. Dick Jasper's broke the world's record while Andy scored zero left to watc it all happen from his chair. But with grit and determination Efler soon got his revenge. In the Austrian Championship that followed, Efler became Austrian champion for the sixth time, while equalizing the record best run in his country: 17.


Dick Jaspers Smashes World Record Scoring 40 in 4 Innings! Featured

Dick Jaspers of the Netherlands has achieved an incredible milestone in his career, setting a new world record for a single match to 40 points. Playing in Germany on Sunday January 21, 2018, Jaspers met Andreas Efler In a game played in the Bundesliga team competition. The Dutch billiard player scored the 40 caroms in just 4 innings to average an unbelievable 10.00! The previous world record was 40 in 6 innings and Jaspers achievement obliterated that by two innings! The last carom at the table in Magdeburg was made around two o'clock. Jaspers' opponent, the Austrian Andreas Efler was unable to score even one point as Jaspers demonstrated his incredible skill in both offensive scoring and defensive leaves. The final score: 40-0. Jaspers new world record is comparable to the 50 in 6 innings (8.666 average) played by Eddy Merckx in 2011 coincidentally also achieved in the German league.


Eddy Merckx notches 9th Belgian title in lopsided victory Featured

Edddy Merckx is the new 3-cushion champion in Belgiian, defeating the great Frédéric Caudron in a superior final. Their clash was the perfect climax of a week of the Belgian Nationals in (almost) all disciplines.The crowd in Blankenberge casino had high hopes for the match between the world's number 1 & 2. But it was mostly one-sided as Merckx was the clearly better player on this day as he easily won his ninth Belgian title.


Dion Nelin is back and takes Danish title Featured

Dion Nelin has made an impressive comeback to the Danish 3-cushion billiards championship. In a wonderful effort Nelin won his eighth individual Danish title equaling the record of the legendary Danish star Peter Thøgersen. Thøgersen, who is a former Danish world class player and medal winner at World championships and European championships, won his last individual Danish title in 1990 by beating Tonny Carlsen in the final.


Belgian Eddy Merckx Wins El Gouna World Cup in Egypt Featured

The Belgians rule billiards! Eddy Merckx, one of three Belgians to reach the semi-finals in the El Gouna World Cup, defeated his fellow countryman Roland Forthomme with a high run of 14 followed by a final surge of 8-and-out to take the crown in a 40-25 victory. Merckx had shared the podium as second to fellow Belgian, world champion Frederic Caudron, just weeks before in the 2017 world championship tournament held in in Bolivia. In this the final world cup of the 2017 season it was Caudron's loss in his semi-final match to Forthomme that set up the dramatic final between Forthomme and Merckx. Three great Belgians on top, with Marco Zanetti of Italy who was also in the top four at the world championship rounding out the field.

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