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Quyet Chien Tran of Vietnam Wins 2nd World Cup in 2018 Cycle Featured

The home town crowds could not have been more proud as they watched the emergence of a new Vietnamese hero. Quyet Chien Tran has powered through a field of the world's top players to win the 2018 3-Cushion World Cup in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (May 21-27, 2018). In doing so Tran has made history as the first player from Vietnam to win a UMB World Cup title.


David Pennor Surprise Winner in Swedish National Championship Featured

David Pennor has shocked all of Sweden with a victory over multiple title holder Torbjörn Blomdahl in the Swedish three cushion championship. With a match score 40-31 in the finals held in Helsinborg, Blomdahl was dethroned as reigning champion. Pictured above (L to R) David Pennor (winner) Nalle Olsson, Torbjorn Blomdahl and Björn Lohmander.


Frederic Caudron Unstoppable in Taking Belgian Cup Featured

World Champion, world number 1 and recent world cup winner Frederic Caudron has taken the Belgian Cup held in Herstal, Belgium. Pictured above winners of both 3-Cushion and Small Table events. In the 3-cushion event we have Eddy Leppens (2nd) 2nd from left, Frederic Caudron (1st) third from left and Roland Forthomme (3rd) fifth from left.


Frederic Caudron Leaves No Doubt He Is World No. 1 With Win in Turkey Featured

Frederic Caudron of Belgium has cemented his position as the world's best 3-cushion billiard player with a win at the first UMB World Cup of 2018. Held in Antalya Turkey, the maximum field battled from April 23-April 29 culminating in a final match-up between home town favorite Murat Naci Coklu and the mighty Caudron. The result was never in doubt as Caudron cruised to a 40-23 victory over the Turk in 13 innings with a high run of 13 and a stratospheric 3.08 average. Pictured above are the final four (L to R) Frederic Caudron, Murat Naci Coklu, Jae Ho Cho (Korea) and Dani Sanchez (Spain.)


Jae Ho Cho Wins the 2018 Asian Championship Featured

Jae Ho Cho of Korea has won the 2018 Asian Federation Championship. The event held in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam saw an all Korean podium in the final rounds on April 8. Seen above (L to R): Jung-Han Heo (2nd), Jae-Ho Cho (1st) Haeng-Jik Kim (sharing 3rd) and Sung-Won Choi (sharing 3rd.)

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