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Marco Zanetti Wins LG U+ Cup in Seoul Korea Featured

Marco Zanetti has once again proven why he is one of the world's top 3-cushion billiard players. His latest feat was topping a strong field in Seoul Korea in the LG U+ Cup, the most lucrative tournament in all of 3-cushion billiards. Zanetti becomes the first European player to win the annual event.


Therese Klompenhouwer Wins the Jennifer Shim International Featured

Twenty-eight women 3-cushion billiard players, including current and former women's world champions, assembled in New York at Carom Cafe for the 2017 Jennifer Shim International Tournament. Therese Klompenhouwer of the Netherlands repeated her 2015 victory and avenged who loss to Orie Hida in the 2016 Women's World Championship by beating Hida in the final match 30-22 in 27 innings with a high run of 8.


Haeng-Jik Kim Wins 2017 UMB World Cup Porto Featured

Haeng-Jik Kim, Korea's four-time world junior champion, at age 25 has won his first World Cup in Porto, Portugal. In the FC Porto arena, the best of all the "Kim's" was never in trouble throughout the main event. In a stunning turn, nine of the world's top-10 players were eliminated in the knock-out rounds leading up to the final match. And in that final match, Haeng-Jik Kim got the better of Vietnam's Nguyen Quoc Nguyen finishing 40-34 in 23 innings to take the crown.

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