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World 3-Cushion News (204)

News about 3-Cushion Billiards from around the world.

Ludo Kools in Shocking Triumph to Win Dutch Jumbo Masters

He could hardly hold back his tears on the final podium at the Dutch championship, when the national anthem sounded through the arena. The wonderfully happy Brabant player Ludo Kools, the 53-year-old rookie at the Jumbo Masters, crowned a bizarre adventure on the final day with the Dutch three-cushion title. He was a brilliant winner, an unlikely champion, rewarded with a ticket for the World Championships in Korea.


David Zapata Crowned PBA World Champion in Final Tour

The not even 30-year-old Spaniard David Zapata instantly is the best paid billiard player ever. Even the legendary Belgian Raymond Ceulemans, with his 21 world titles in three-cushion billiards, has never earned that much with his rich record of championships as what the not even world-famous Juan David Zapata was overjoyed with on the podium of the PBA Tour on Saturday 6 March 2021, in South Korea.

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