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Jeremy Bury Champion of France for Ninth Time

The Frenchman Jérémy Bury, number ten in the world ranking and vice-world champion, has been crowned three-cushion champion of his country. It was his third French championship in a row, and his ninth in total. That brings Bury just two titles behind another French champion in three cushion: Richard Bitalis, who won 11 titles.


Filippos Kasidokostas Wins Panasonic Open - 1st PBA Tour Event

The Panasonic Open, the first major event from the Professional Billiards Association (PBA), was won by Filippos Kasidokostas of Greece. The PBA Tour kicked off their inaugural event with a high level of professionalism, great skills at the billiard table and a huge pile of cash in the prize fund. The first place trophy was accompanied by a first place prize of 100 million Korean won (about $85,000) for the joyful winner.


Frederic Caudron Tops Field at Ho Chi Minh World Cup

The 2019 edition of the UMB World Cup held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was akin to a mirror image of the 2018 result. Frederic Caudron won the title with two fellow Belgians - Roland Forthomme and Eddy Merckx joining him on the podium. Marco Zanetti of Italy rounded out the field. In 2018 it was 3 Vietnamese atop the field in this same event, oddly with Caudron as the fourth man.


Dick Jaspers Unstoppable Winning Survival 3C Masters

A better and more impressive, Dick Jaspers couldn't have shown his hegemony to the world of three cushion billiards. The Dutch billiard player, who was the best in Europe in the recent championship tournament, now is also the better of all Koreans in their homeland, winning the 2nd Survival 3C Masters of 2019 held in Seoul, Korea. Jaspers received 8,800 euros for winning the European title, and 50,000 dollars for winning the Masters. Shows where the money is in 3-cushion billiards.

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