Torbjorn Blomdahl Wins 2015 European Three Cushion Championship

The European title is back in the hands of one of the greatest players the game has ever known. 52-year old Torbjörn Blomdahl of Sweden defeated Eddy Merckx of Belgium in the final match to be crowned champion. A standing ovation from the crowd was the winner's reward, as he walked through the arena acknowledging the applause of his fans.


Therese Klompenhouwer Women's Three-Cushion World Champion (2014)

Therese Klompenhouwer for many years was long recognized as one of the best three cushion players in the world. But the title of Women's World Champion seemed to elude her. That title was finally hers as the 31-year-old European champion made her dream come true. Therese Klompenhouwer became world champion with a win in the final match against Japanese opponent Yuko Nishimoto in the championship held October 2014 in Sinop. Turkey.