Video3DMan170X170Videos are the simplest and most satisfying way of visualizing the ideas and techniques of 3-cushion billiard play. We have assembled the very best videos we could find in three major categories: Instruction, Events and Trick Shots. And, we are continually adding more videos to our collection, so do check back often!

  • Instruction

    Whether you are simply looking to "see" how a shot might look when it is played correctly, or you truly want to study the science and theory behind how a shot was made, the videos in the Instruction section will serve to educate increasing your knowledge and performance.

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  • Events

    Watching the world's greatest players in their toughest matches can both educate and inspire.  In these Event videos we have compiled decisive games both old and new with the top players from around the world.

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  • Trick Shots

    Besides your every day run-of-the mill shots, the game of three cushion billiards has fostered its own unique form of dazzling and challenging cue and ball magic. With a 10-foot table, 61.5 mm balls and the object of making a 3-cushion carom, the Trick Shot Showman of the carom table will amaze and amuse you with their skill and artistry.

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