Taking Trickshots to the Extreme!

Martin van Rhee is a talented master of Artistic Billiards from the Netherlands. His use of extreme force follow, draw and masse make his cue ball spin and fly wildly around the table - and he still makes the billiard! Here is a compilation by Martin of some of his most amazing shots.

As Martin says, "Trickshots are hot!" And we agree! Artistic billiards is both spectacular and fun to watch. It is related to artistic pool, only instead of pocketing balls, you must make three-cushion caroms. A lot of different mindblowing shots can be seen in this video collection demonstrating what is possible with three billiard balls on a 5' X 10' table.

For a long time Martin has been practicing and developing his cue action.  More importantly he has many creative ideas for new and unique shots. Check out his use of masse and other advanced techniques. Martin van Rhee has a YouTube Channel and can also be found on Facebook.

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