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Event: UMB World Cup
Where: Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Dates: May 20 - 26, 2019
Time: 1:00PM to 8:00PM Local Time (UTC +7)
The second world cup event of 2019!
Vietnam's Quyet Chien Tran won last year in his home country.
Information, schedules and results during the event - CLICK HERE
For our historical list of all previous world cup winners - CLICK HERE

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Hugo Patino wins the 2019 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship!

2019059Hugo250X250Hugo Patino is once again atop the USBA ranks with his fourth national title. In the event held at US Bida in Houston, Texas Hugo Patino performed like a champion, first by topping his flight to enter the 16-man single elimination final phase. Then his class really came out as he defeated 9-time US Champion Pedro Piedrabuena in a best game of 40-10 in 20 innings. And finally he capped the event with a brilliant opening performance against reigning 2018 champion Miguel Torres. After winning the lag, Hugo proceeded to wow the live audience and live stream viewers by running 18 from the break tying the USBA national championship record. With a huge lead Miguel had to fight hard just to stay in. Although he mounted a valiant come-back Miguel had to succumb in the end as Hugo closed the match 40-32 in 30 innings. Congratulations to the 2019 USBA 3-Cushion National Champion Hugo Patino.

Click here to read the great story of the event written by Andy Janquitto



Tournament Resources

​The format: 45 players. 5 groups of 9. 8 matches for each player to 25 points in the prelims. Top 3 from each group plus one best 4th place finisher overall will move on to the 16-man single elimination finals playing to 40 points.

Click an image below to expand final charts from prelims, rankings after qualification, first round match-ups and final ranking.

20190516NationalsCharts  2019 Nationals Ranking Qualifications rev02 2019 Nationals SE rev01

2019 Nationals Last8 5 8 FinalRanking

Order of Finish and Prize Money - Total Prize Fund $15,450

1 Hugo Patino $ 3,250 *       9 Kim Hoang $ 300
2 Miguel Torres    2,500 *   10 Edward Gomez     300
3 Pedro Piedrabuena    1,800   11 Tae Kyu Lee     300
4 John Park    1,500   12 Dung Nguyen    300
5 Thai Tran    1,100   13 Lloyd Wallace    300
6 Phuong Le    1,000   14 Cong Nguyen    300
7 Kang Lee       900   15 Eric Kwon    300
8 Michael Kang       800   16 Sang Jin Lee    300
High Run - Hugo Patino (18)       100   Best Game - Thai Tran (2.500)     100

* In addition to the prize money, Hugo and Miguel receive travel assistance to attend the PanAmerican Championship representing the USA.

USBA Trustees - Andy Janquitto, Doug Deitel, Jay Karahan
Tournament Director - Charles Brown
Live Stream - Doug Deitel,
Room Owner - Patrick Tran