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The Belgians use a chess clock, and so should we all

August 17, 2016 Hits:2799 Opinion by Bert Van Manen

As Hitchcock said, the length of a movie must not be in conflict with the capacity of the human bladder. Two hours is a good limit for a 3-cushion match; upping the pace around the table will benefit us all. The senior citizen image of the sport is one of our main problems. Swift, spectacular, attacking 3-cushion in the top leagues and in the World Cups will appeal to the younger generation and bring in more spectators, possibly even new sponsors. We can’t inject our players with a dose of fast & furious, but at least our rules and formats should contain pepper, not valium.

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Korean Billiards Wunderkind Leading The Way

December 5, 2016 Hits:1989 Opinion by Park Rin

Kim Haeng-Jik

In France, Korea’s Kim Haeng-jik fell just short of a world championship

Even though he just missed in the finals of the 2016 UMB World Championship, Haeng-Jik Kim (or Kim Haeng-Jik as is preferred in the Asian press) is still recognized as the leading player from Korea. Here is a wonderful article that appeared in the online news site Korea JoongAng Daily about his life and his future in billiards.

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