2017 UMB World Cup Porto

Haeng-Jik Kim of South Korea wins the UMB World Cup in Porto, Portugal July 2017

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Carlos Anguita of Spain Wins 2017 World Championship for Juniors!

After a stunning upset win in the semi-final round against 2016 defending World Champion Myung-Woo Cho, Carlos Anguita of Spain defeated Beom-Yeol Lee of Korea to win the 2017 Junior World Championship. Cho had seemed almost unstoppable, having posted an amazing 25 points in 6 inning performance (4.167) in the group stage. But in the 8-man knock-out final phase, Cho began to struggle, barely winning his 1/4 final round game. That left an opening for the confident Anguita to take down the former champion in a tough 35-33 semi-final match. The clash of the Juniors matched the similar rivalry of the men in major International events. Thus the pressure was intense for the last four as two Koreans faced two from Europe for the title. The surprise was that the Korean playing in the final was Beom-Yeol Lee. In the end it was Carlos Anguita who proved the most steady, winning 35-23 and securing his place in history. Bravo Carlos, the pride of Spain and the new World Junior Champion in 3-Cushion.

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The Feel Of It

Cross-Over Billiard Players Through the Years

If you are a carom billiards player, you cherish a five-minute scene in the middle of the 1961 movie, The Hustler. Fast Eddie Felson’s manager, Bert Gordon, has set up a high stakes game at a Louisville mansion owned by Findley. Anxious to start the match, Fast Eddie removes the table cover and is confused by the absence of pockets. “Thought we came here to play pool?” Felson says. "I don’t play pool, Mr. Felson,” Findley says. He sips from his drink, a cigarette wedged between his middle and ring fingers. “I play billiards. My house, my game. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.”

After some hesitation, a game for $100 is arranged, but not before Bert asks Eddie whether he’s ever played billiards before. “Sure,” says Eddie, obviously lying. After playing even for several games, Eddie wants to raise the bet. “Level with me, Eddie,” Bert says. “You ever play billiards before?” Eddie responds, “What's the difference? You got a pool cue, balls on the table. All you gotta do is get the feel of it.”

For fictional players, moving from the pocket game to the carom game is seamless. Fast Eddie eventually busted Findley, taking a cool $12,000 off the southern gentleman. In real life, fewer and fewer players play both disciplines. Cueists more often play one exclusively. It was not always this way.

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