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Can Virtual Reality Help Grow the Popularity of 3-Cushion Billiards?

August 14, 2018 Hits:242 Opinion by Sal Bello

Virtual reality has become a fairly well-known technology. A few years ago we were hearing some buzz about its potential emergence, but it wasn’t until about midway through 2016 that most people really started to see what it was capable of. Now there are countless VR experiences for consumers to enjoy, on a full range of headsets at different prices, and through any number of games. What’s been a little bit slower to develop is any kind of meaningful VR sports market.

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It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Dennis Dieckman, a friend and member of the international three-cushion billiard community. Dennis was one of the most notable carom cue builders in history. That's builder, not maker. And that philosophy is what made Dennis so special. This excerpt from an the April 2007 article of Inside Pool magazine sums it up:

20110316Dieckman350X350"He doesn’t make cues. He builds them. Let’s get that straight. It’s a semantic difference, yes, but an important one. A wish is made. Pudding is made. But a bridge is built. A house is built. A cue is built. The term 'make' suggests the transformation of tangible or intangible items into something different, often completely unrecognizable from the individual item. However, the term 'build' suggests the action of piecing together parts one by one to make a whole, with the goal to build something that lasts. To understand the subtle difference in the words is to understand the man. Welcome to the world of Dennis Dieckman, cue builder."

Rest in Peace dear friend.

Mazin Shooni will be holding a memorial tournament in Dennis' honor October 19-21 at Amazin Billiards. Click Here for details