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Team Tournaments Are Right On Cue

June 21, 2019 Hits:1183 Opinion by Sal Bello

Cue sports, such as billiards, snooker and pool are traditionally seen as single player sports. One against one across the baize; just you and your cue against the world. But it isn’t always that way. In recent years, cue sports have developed team competitions that bring the best of countries and continents up against each other.

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Felt-to-Felt Success: Conquering the Worlds of Both Billiards and Poker

September 24, 2018 Hits:1793 Opinion by Sal Bello

The games of billiards and poker share several things in common, namely skills, strategy, and high-stakes competition. But these beloved pastimes share another aspect that is so obvious, it is often overlooked—the felt!

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