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Of Flukes, Clucks, Chimbas and Puppies

April 22, 2016 Hits:7135 Opinion by Andy Janquitto

Lucky Shot Billiards

Every room has this guy, the player who habitually scores the inadvertent shot. Usually a banger, sometimes a beginner, this guy specializes in the kiss, the double kiss, the long back up, the wrong rail that somehow turns out right. He plays a shot one way that misses and scores coming back. He plays a two-way shot that misses both ways and someway scores a third way. At West End Arcade and Billiards in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a room that is now closed, that guy was Mike D’Martino. And after years of torment, the 3-C players named a lucky shot after him, a “Mikey D.,” they would say. As in, “We were hill-hill, and then he made a Mikey D.”

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Who was Wayman C. McCreery?

August 4, 2018 Hits:2199 Opinion by Sal Bello

Wayman Crow McCreery (June 14, 1851 – ??? 1901) a prominent citizen of St. Louis, was highly regarded as one of the foremost billiard amateurs in the late 1800's. McCreery is credited with the invention and development of three-cushion billiards as a separate and distinct discipline for tournament and competitive match-play.

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