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This Week's Livestream
Event: UMB World Cup
Where: Blankenberge, BELGIUM
Dates: June 17 - 23, 2019
Time: 1:00PM to 8:00PM Local Time (UTC +2)
The third world cup event of 2019!
Final appearance of "banned" players who appear in PBA events!!!
Information, schedules and results during the event - CLICK HERE
For our historical list of all previous world cup winners - CLICK HERE

Featured On 3-Cushion Billiards

Why is the cloth green, the chalk blue?

June 27, 2016 Hits:7910 Opinion by Andy Janquitto

Green has been the traditional color of billiard cloth for over four centuries. Blue has been the traditional color for billiard chalk for about 100 years. Today, chalk and cloth both come in literally dozens of colors, but green cloth and blue chalk remain the most popular choices.

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Who was Wayman C. McCreery?

August 4, 2018 Hits:846 Opinion by Sal Bello

Wayman Crow McCreery (June 14, 1851 – ??? 1901) a prominent citizen of St. Louis, was highly regarded as one of the foremost billiard amateurs in the late 1800's. McCreery is credited with the invention and development of three-cushion billiards as a separate and distinct discipline for tournament and competitive match-play.

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