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In Memoriam: Jim Watson

September 7, 2020 Hits:96 Opinion by Andy Janquitto

Jim Watson, a long-time American player of both pocket and carom games, died in the first week of September, 2020. Details are still emerging, but it appears he died of a heart attack. Jim had had heart problems for a number of years and had open heart surgery two years ago.

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Where to Play 3 Cushion Billiards in the United Kingdom

February 24, 2020 Hits:813 Opinion by Sal Bello

If you’re travelling to the United Kingdom, whether it’s London, Edinburgh, Coventry, or Llanelli, you’ll notice many things. They drive on the other side of the road, the Queen’s head is on all the money, and most sinks have separate taps. Another thing you’ll notice is that sport is everywhere. And if you know where to look you can even find 3-cushion billiards to play.

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