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The Mystery of the Medal

February 27, 2017 Hits:3964 Opinion by Sal Bello

Three cushion billiards has a long history of championship events and a celebrated list of the players who emerged victorious. Modern records for the World Championship usually begin in 1928 with the UMB as the listed governing body and Mr. Edmond Soussa of Egypt as the first winner in the event held in Reims, France. It is there that we start our hunt to solve the Mystery of the Medal.

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The 3-Cushion World Championship - Conflict, Drama And A Little Luck

November 23, 2019 Hits:1047 Opinion by Bert Van Manen

The UMB Men's 3-cushion World Championship - the major event held at year-end - has had both conflict and drama over the years. And what better way to relive some of those great moments than with a stroll down memory lane guided by Bert Van Manen, one of the game's greatest writers.. Enjoy Bert's story of 2001 - 2018 which first appeared in Kozoom, as you prepare to watch the next chapter unfold in the world championship.saga.

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