Every 3 cushion billiard player will be constantly striving to improve their game. Professional players will practice every single day in order to ensure they remain at the top, as it's a sport that requires both dedication and determination. Those who are just beginning their journey or even picking up the cue for the very first time have to understand that it can be a long road ahead, but there are a number of methods and techniques which could potentially help improve your game.

Play the Diamond System

20181023Diamond300X182This system is used primarily in carom billiards but it is extremely versatile and a great way of building up both confidence and technique. It also improves accuracy and aim as it gives players a definitive starting and finishing position. Concentration is a huge part of the game. Visualizing the cue ball position numbers can also assist game management. Although professional players are less likely to use this system, it can be a great system for beginners who wish to hone their skills and get a feel for all forms of billiards. It also helps players work out when to hit the long rail. Full demonstrations can be easily found online.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

20181023Brain300X1693-cushion billiards requires a significant amount of technique but the mental side of the game can often be underrated. Professionals rarely take a day off, with many of them opting to play different forms of the game in order to keep them fully focused. Tables may not always be accessible but other pastimes such as completing a crossword, playing chess or enjoying some online poker can also help the brain remain both alert and razor-sharp. The latter is particularly handy as it can help give players the mental edge. Tilting is a word often associated with poker too, simply referring to not being able to concentrate and make good decisions because you're on a losing streak. Learning to defend against tilt through practicing poker can be very beneficial to billiards players. There are a number of microgaming sites offering table poker games alongside roulette and blackjack and players can have a go at these using one of the many welcome bonuses which are currently available. This will help focus the mind during those days spent away from the table.

Watch [and play with] the Professionals

20181023Blomdahl300X181Other players will undoubtedly have various ideas and theories on how to improve your game, but the majority of them are likely to agree that studying the professionals is the best way of learning about the sport. Torbjorn Blondahl's father was a superb player who spent many hours teaching his son about the game. He will have benefited from watching him practice on a daily basis and therefore was always destined to be at least an above average competitor. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a successful billiard-playing relative but simply watching clips online or studying a professional's pattern of play at major events can be beneficial. If you can't make it to an event, find your nearest table and simply observe how other players approach each shot.

There are a number of ways of improving your game but players who are just starting out can often become frustrated during the first few years. However, newcomers are advised to stick with it as your hard work will eventually pay off.  It is a sport which requires a huge amount of endeavour and hours of practice but it is hugely rewarding for those who manage to perfect it.

Thanks to Torbjorn Blomdahl, Nick Polychronopoulos and Kozoom for images used in this article.