Lausanne, August  26, 2019, Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB): Las Vegas will once again host World Cups.

Billiard fans worldwide, and especially those on the American continent, will be happy to hear that the city of Las Vegas will host UMB World Cups in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The USBA (United States Billiard Association), the CPB (Confederación Panamericana de Billar) and the UMB (Union Mondiale de Billard) have jointly announced this news.

The World Cups will be played in March, on the same dates as the world championship in pool billiards. The venue will be the Rio Hotel and organizer is PREDATOR GROUP .These events have been respectively added to the UMB calendar (see below.)

Las Vegas has some good 3-cushion history: a few historic events took place in Nevada’s largest city.

World Cups:

1989, Blomdahl wins, beating Komori in the final.
1999, Sang Lee wins, beating Sayginer in the final.
2001, Blomdahl again. Runner up: Jaspers.
2003, Sayginer wins, Jaspers again second.

World Championships:

1970, Ceulemans wins, beating Kobayashi in the final.
1978, Ceulemans again, and Kobayashi second.
1986, Avelino Rico wins. The Spaniard runs 15 and out to surprise Ceulemans in the semifinal, then beats Blomdahl in the final.

The UMB views the series of Las Vegas World Cups as a big step forward, and expresses the hope that the events will give a new impulse to 3-cushion on the Panamerican continent, with its many talented players.

Las Vegas World Cup Schedule

March 1-7, 2021
March 28 - April 3, 2022
February 20-26, 2023

All events to be held at the Rio Hotel.