The newly formed Texas Carom Association held its first awards dinner celbrating the completion of its inaugural season. Pictured above (L to R kneeling): Red. winner John Park, 3CUSHN1 License Plate, Jay Karahan (3rd) Sergio. Second row (L to R): Doug Deitel (2nd), Jon Kim (3rd). Back left Daniel A and MK Kim (3rd.)

20180514TCA01Held at Go Hyang Korean Restaurant, a plaque and cash prizes were awarded for "Outstanding Billiard Performance" in the handicapped round-robin event:

1st John Park 17-1
2nd Doug Deitel 12-5-1
2nd M K Kim 12-5-1
3rd Jay Karahan 12-6
3rd Jon Kim 12-6

20180514TCA02The first season was dedicated to establishing the format and discipline to maintain accurate averages throughout the 8 week cycle. In the end the 19 players that finished the season played a total of 18 games that were carefully recorded, yielding valuable insight into the players competitive spirit and abilities. With the equalizing inning format every game was hard fought and many ended in a tie.

Season two is about to begin and the league has already grown to 27 players. The TCA has decided to establish the handicaps for the second season and beyond patterned after the USBA official handicaps that were first published in February 2013:

20180514TCA04A = .900 +
B+ = .700-.899
B= .550-.699
C+ = .400-.549
C = below .400 (.300 - .399)

In addition, to encourage even those new to the game, the TCA has established two additional entry levels:

C2 = .200 - .299
C1 = .199 or below

Based on the above, the handicaps for season two with games played to 30 points will be:

20180514TCA05"A" players go to 30 points (100%)
"B+" players go to 25 points (83.3%)
"B" players go to 21 points (70%)
"C+" players go to 17 points (56.6%)
"C" players go to 15 points (50%)
"C2" players go to 12 points (40%)
"C1" players go to 10 points (33%)

The tournament director will establish the handicap for new players based on his best guess as to their skills. After three games handicaps will be adjusted.

Season two begins Thursday May 17. Good luck and good billiards to all the players.