Daniel Morales (pictured right above) is the new three cushion champion in Colombia after the title race played in Cali. The former Pan American champion in 2016 played a flawless tournament, in which he defeated Andrés Lizarazo (pictured left above) in the final 40-32 in 20 innings (2.000/1.600).

The Colombian championship was played on a very high level, including the match between Andrés Lizarazo and José Juan Garcia, which is considered one of the most thrilling matches in Colombian billiard history.

Here is the final ranking with tournament averages:

1 Daniel Morales 1,591
2 Andres Lizarazo 1,473
3 José Juan García 1,644
4 Fredy Prieto 1,198
5 Luis Martinez 1,476
6 Cesar Garzón 1,149
7 Cristian Montero 0,833
8 Jair Morales 0,832
Congratulations to the new three cushion billiards champion of Colombia Daniel Morales.