The Tacoma Elks Club hosted the first Shamrock Invitational Tournament giving twelve players a chance to compete and attend a clinic put on by former USBA National Champion George Ashby. Jesus Quinones was the winner.

Here is the event wrap-up:

March 14th through March 17th we held a special event at the Tacoma Elks Club to promote the game we love. We invited George Ashby to be our guest and play in our first Shamrock Invitational Tournament. This was a 12 man round robin event, unfortunately we lost a player half way through the tournament. So we played Friday through Sunday and had a great time.

George put on a Billiard Clinic on Thursday which was great and attended by over 20 interested players.Thanks go out to our staff, Ed, Doc, Tommy, Mac and others who managed the tournament, cleaned tables, balls and picked up.

The results were interesting as we played on our 4 Verhoven Tables, just recovered with Royal Pro cloth which none of us were used to. We had some real good games and some real poor games trying to get the results we were used to. Of course everyone had a chance to beat George Ashby, which was the whole point. It should be noted by other rooms that this event sold out in 24 hours.

So, the winner is Jesus Quinonez who went undefeated, Neal Olson with a 9-1 record, Ertan Tarhan and George Ashby with 7-3 records,Mark Sullivan 5th, and Luis Carranza 6th. There was a prize pool of $3000 which came from $200 entry and $1000 donation from MOBPA.

I want to personally thank George for consenting to come out here for this event, and to be such a great sport. He is a credit to the game and I hope sets an example to other top players who might consider spreading the love for the game!

The image gallery below is in the order of finish. Group picture above.