Venezuelan billiard star Miguel Labrador has won the National Championship in his country for the third time. In the 21st installment of the event, Labrador led the field to accomplish his 3rd 3-cushion national title.

Said Labrador, "I am very proud of these results. Throughout the tournament I went to the table with everything, to give the best I had. I did have some technical flaws that I must correct, so I will continue to train. I feel very happy to enter the select group of triple winners along with Dr. Brumar Altamiranda of Aragua and Anzoategui state Merlin Romero. Now the state of Tachira, which I represent in the practice of this beautiful sport, has a triple champion as well."

Miguel finished the event with a grand average of 1.087, a best game average of 1.765 and a high run of 9. The best game of the tournament was from 2nd place winner Miguel Canton at 2.143 who also had the tournament high run of 10. Here are the top finishers and their averages:

  1. Miguel Labrador 1,087
  2. Miguel Canton 0.904
  3. William Villanueva 0.957
  4. Marconi Almagro 0.796
  5. Daniel Reyes 0.824
  6. Carlos Moreno 0.778
  7. William Guillen 0.605
  8. Milton Zambrano 0.529