David Pennor has shocked all of Sweden with a victory over multiple title holder Torbjörn Blomdahl in the Swedish three cushion championship. With a match score 40-31 in the finals held in Helsinborg, Blomdahl was dethroned as reigning champion. Pictured above (L to R) David Pennor (winner) Nalle Olsson, Torbjorn Blomdahl and Björn Lohmander.

The pre-rounds were played in three groups. In Group A, Blomdahl won with 1.765 of average, in Group B, Nalle Olsson was the strongest with 1.277 and David Pennör won in Group C with 1.699 average.

In the quarter finals, Blomdahl was the better of Tai Tran 40-22, Björn Lohmander bested Bo Gustafsson 40-28, Nalle Olsson beat Peter Lohmander 40-31 and David Pennör won against Henry Kalita 40-36. Then, in the semi-finals, Blomdahl secured victory against Björn Lohmander 40-26, Pennör reached the final by a win over Olsson 40-26. The final match showed a strong Pennör, who was boss over Blomdahl 40-31.

The final ranking:
1 David Pennör 1.678 average
2 Torbjörn Blomdahl 1.500
3 Nalle Olsson 1.267
3 Björn Lohmander 1.032
5 Henryk Kalita 0.980
6 Bo Gustafsson 0.934
7 Peter Lohmander 0.863
8 Tai Tran 0.822
9 Per Hägg 0.794
10 Stefan Hilvin 0.777

Congratulations to the new reigning champion of Sweden David Pennor.

Thanks to Kozoom for stats and images.