At the age of 35, Rubén Legazpi played his first final match in the Spanish title race. And what an effort it was as Legazpi emerged as the chamoion of Spain. The newly crowned champion defeated the former champion David Martinez 40-24 in 18 innings in the final match after a brilliant start with 11-0-9 (20-5 in 3 innings). The victory is one of the highlights in Legazpi's career.

"I played strong championships in recent years, but I have never been able to win. Today, I finally succeeded, I am very happy with the title." said Legazpi in a post-match interview.

The final ranking at the Spanish championship:

1 Rubén Legazpi 1.626-11
2 David Martinéz 1.546-12
3 Javier Palazón 1.520-12
3 Jaime Sanchez 1.126-9
5 Jose Maria Mas 1.565-9
6 Alfonso Legazpi 1.228-8
7 David Zapata 1.421-8
8 Antonio Montes 1.236-15
9 Carlos Crespo 1.300-9
10 Jordi Garriga 1.218-5.

Absent was Dani Sanchez, a multiple winner in this event who went down in the opening round to veteran Rafael Garrido who himself was later eliminated.

Congratulations to Ruben Legazpi, Spanish National Champion. 

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