Thomas Andersen of Denmark has won his third national championship and repeats his result from last year as the top player in his country. Pictured above (l to r): Thomas Andersen (1st), Jacob Haack Sörensen (4th), Dion Nelin (3rd) and Brian Knudsen (2nd).

The final match between Andersen and Knudsen ended at 50-31 in 27 innings. The two will be paired in the upcoming World national team championship in Viersen, Germany in March.

The final results of the event for the top 12 players:

1 Thomas Andersen 1,422
2 Brian Knudsen 1,561
3 Dion Nelin 1,353
4 Jacob Haack Sörensen 1,306
5 Allan Keith 1,064
6 Tommy Ebeling 1,033
7 Michael Toudahl 0.990
8 Martin Olesen 0.932
9 Benny Staalboo 1.059
10 Poul Bjerring 0.911
11 Lars Dunch 0.850
12 Tommy Magnussen 0.820

Congratulations to Thomas Andersen 3-cushion champion of Denmark in 2020.

Thanks to Kozoom for pictures and material used in this report. For more about Andersen and the event CLICK HERE.