In these troubled times besieged as we are on all fronts... from the health crisis of Covid-19, to the financial crisis due to massive job losses and most importantly the mental health crisis because we CAN'T PLAY BILLIARDS at our local clubs, here are the latest rays of sunshine that signal times will change for the better

UMB Calendar

The UMB has added back some events to its calendar as competition is set to resume

World Championship 3-Cushion for individuals January 6-10, 2021
World Championship 3-Cushion for Ladies January 11=13 2021
World Championship 3-Cushion for Juniors Jnuary 14-16, 2021

Check back for more details as they develop.


PBA Calendar

The Korean upstart organization is... well... starting up again with events returning to action. Click the link for details

PBA-LPBA Opening Tour July 6-10, 2020


USBA Calendar

The Mike Kelley Tournament will be the first to resume on the USBA schedule. Click the link for details.

Mike Kelley Tournament October 23-25, 2020


Regional Calendar

Madison 3-Cushion Billiards Club reschedules it first 2020 event. Click the link for details.

The event is sponsored by our very good friend Professor-Q-Ball