Turkish billiard player Kenan Cantürk has become the new Swiss three-cushion champion. The championship was played in Lausanne, Switzerland in May 2021. Pictured above the three final players: Bouhaz, Cantürk (Winner) and Cetin.

Kenan Cantürk, Michel Boulaz, Behzat Çetin, Pierre Alain Rech, Johannes Boode and Ha Trinh Khai faced each other in the final group with six players. Four of those six finished with six match points: Kenan Cantürk, Michel Boulaz, Behzat Çetin and Pierre Alain Rech. The Turkish finalist Cantürk with an average of 0.800 finished just better than Michel Boulaz with 0.785 and could call himself the new champion of Switzerland.