It's official. And for 3-cushion billiards it is not good news. The world federation of billiards, UMB, has published the list of 85 players who have been suspended starting July 15. For participation in international championships, World Cups, other UMB tournaments and confederation tournaments all players on the list (see below) will be forbidden to participate.

The suspensions are for the duration of 1 year. In the case that any of these players actually participate in any other International events not officially on the UMB calendar, the duration of the suspensions increases to a maximum of three years. And further, the federations will later decide on the status of national participation as well. Yikes!

The UMB website reflects the banned players on the latest ranking list "Edition 22/2019 (15.07.2019)" by marking their line in gray. Those marked players are excluded from UMB tournaments merely for having participated in the first and so far only PBA tournament played on June 9 and won by Flilipos Kasidokostas.

Here is a copy of the "Official" announcement sent to members:


The immediate effect is on the list of players for the upcoming Verhoeven open tournament which is in the category of "other UMB tournaments" and will miss some of the usual big names.

Here is the complete ist of UMB suspended players showing their ranking position and home country.

2 Frédéric Caudron (BE)
20 Eddy Leppens (BE)
21 Javier Palazon (ES)
27 Filippos Kasidokostas (GR)
28 Birol Uymaz (TR)
30 Dong Koong Kang (KR)
32 Tonny Carlsen (DK)
38 Anh Vu Duong (VN)
39 Robinson Morales (CO)
42 David Martinez (ES)
45 Oh Sung Uk (KR)
47 Seo Hyun Min (KR)
48 Pedro Piedrabuena (US)
53 Juan David Zapata Garcia (ES)
62 Kostas Papakonstantinou (GR)
77 Adnan Yüksel (TR)
79 Hideaki Kobayashi (JP)
81 Glenn Hofman (NL)
94 Kim Jae Guen (KR)
104 Lee Seung Jin (KR)
105 Hong Jin Pyo (KR)
115 Jean-Paul de Bruijn (NL)
116 Kim Hyung Kon (KR)
141 Hwang Hyung Bum (KR)
144 Allen Schröder (DK)
153 Nobuyasu Sakai (JP)
181 Lee Hong Ki (KR)
191 Savas Bulut (TR)
212 Namiko Hayashi (JP)
261 Shin Jung Ju (KR)
278 Ko Sang Woon (KR)
287 Cho Keon Hwi (KR)
289 Lim Jung Wan (KR)
290 Pierre Soumagne (FR)
305 Oh Tae Jun (KR)
436 Ryouko Kobayashi (JP)
465 Carlos Anguita (ES)
475 Park Kwang Yeol (KR)
476 Jung Young Kyun (KR)
495 Kim Byung Seob (KR)
648 Yang Kyo Chun (KR)
667 Ko Kyung-Nam (KR)
668 Kang Sang Ku (KR)
716 Jang Nam Guk (KR)
761 Jang Guk Hwan (KR)
816 Um Sang Pil (KR)
818 Park In Su (KR)
819 Kim Hyun Woo (KR)
820 Kim Ra Hee (KR)
821 Lee Young Min (KR)
822 Kang Min Gu (KR)
823 Shin Nam Ho (KR)
920 Roberto Rojas (MX)
985 Lee Young Horn (KR)
1440 Lim Tae Soo (KR)
1442 Hwang Durk Hee (KR)
1443 Lee Tae Hyun (KR)
1447 Jung Chan Hook (KR)
1456 Lee Kuk Sung (KR)
1459 Park Su Ah (KR)
1462 Kim Jae Sam (KR)
1472 Kim Jong Won (KR)
1475 Kim In Ho (KR)
1493 Cho Oh Bok (KR)
1502 Kim Young Chul (KR)
1512 Woo Tae Ha (KR)
1513 Jeong Sung Il (KR)
1517 Lee Jung Ick (KR)
1519 Lee Jong Ju (KR)
1520 Lee Sang Dae (KR)
1531 Choi Jong Bok (KR)
1532 Cho Bang Yeon (KR)
1541 Kwon Young Gap (KR)
1545 Part Soo Hyang (KR)
1547 Choi Eun Ji (KR)
1551 Lee Kyo Suk (KR)
1558 Kim Im Gwon (KR)
1562 Ha Ji Young (KR)
1564 Jang Sung Won (KR)
1568 Ryu Ji Won (KR)
1570 Sung Sangeun (KR)
1571 Park Dongjun (KR)
1575 Han Jiseung (KR)
1580 Lee Jung Soo (KR)
1581 Park Jung Hoon (KR)

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.