Who was Wayman C. McCreery?

  • Written by Sal Bello
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Wayman Crow McCreery (June 14, 1851 – ??? 1901) a prominent citizen of St. Louis, was highly regarded as one of the foremost billiard amateurs in the late 1800's. McCreery is credited with the invention and development of three-cushion billiards as a separate and distinct discipline for tournament and competitive match-play.

Professor-Q-Ball Honored at 2018 USBA Nationals

  • Written by Andy Janquitto
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At the USBA Three-Cushion National Championship tournament held at the Casino del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona, the United States Billiard Association honored Paul Frankel, better known to the billiards world as Professor-Q-Ball, for his contribution to three-cushion billiards. More than anyone during the last fifteen years, Paul has been responsible for the resurgence of three-cushion billiards in America.

Carom Billiards in Houston, Texas - A New Era

  • Written by Jay "The Judge" Karahan aka CaroMan
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The sport of carom billiards is a relative newcomer to Houston, Texas. A decidedly pocket billiards / pool-player's town since the 1940’s, the city was famous for rooms such as Big Tyme Billiards, Legends Billiards, and Bogey’s Billiards. When I moved to Houston in 1979 I played pool at LeCue Billiards and later at The Cushion & Cue - both long since shuttered. But beginning with the turn of the millennium the carom games have arrived or - depending on whom you ask - have been re-discovered. Carom billiards rooms seem to be sprouting up like mushrooms, leading to a resurgence of interest in the sport here in Houston.

Nguyen Quoc Nguyen credits success to passion, luck

  • Written by Viet Nam News
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Vietnamese cueist Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, 35, started participating in professional billiards tournaments when he was close to 30, but despite the late start, he has made his mark internationally. Viet Nam News interviewed Nguyen and delivers a personal perspective on this up-and-coming world class player.