The United States Billiard Association, the governing body for 3-Cushion Billiards in the US, sponsors a National Championship tournament every year. This year's event is scheduled to take place March 16-20 at Million Dollar Billiards in North Hollywood, California. As the tournament approaches, a series of qualifying events will take place at 3-Cushion Billard rooms throught the country. Players who qualify by winning or placing in the events will receive paid entry into the championship tournament.

In addition to the players who qualify through tournament competition, the National Championship roster includes seeded players who have won or participated in prior championship events. We will track the seeded and qualifying players as the big day approaches. (Click the "Read More" link below to see the current list of qualifying players and how they made it to the tournament.  We have also added the list of players who paid the entry to play in the National Championship. Finally, be sure to click on the links to the stories on all the events and enjoy the photo gallery of the players that follows.)

UPDATE: For complete charts, schedules, rankings and results for the entire tournament in one gallery. Click here - Nationals charts

Qualifying & Entered Players for the

2016 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship


Pedro Piedrabuena
National Champion (1 confirmed)
Young Gull Lee
Miguel Torres
Sonny Cho
Jae Hyung Cho
Hugo Patino
Mazin Shooni
Carlos Hallon
Frank Torres
George Ashby
(4 confirmed)
Rob Spicknall
Ertan Tarhan
Jesus Quinonez
Neal Olson
Dick Takano Memorial (Qualifier)
Tacoma Elks Club
Tacoma Washington
December 6, 2015
(4 confirmed)
Joe DeAmato
Bob Page
Eric Spencer
USBA National Qualifier
Amazin Billiards
Malden Massachusetts
January 10, 2016
(1 confirmed)
Ellis Lawrence
Mercedez Gonzalez
Victor Cuzzi
USBA National Qualifier
Doral Billiards
Miami Florida
January 16, 2016
(2 confirmed)
Eric Kwon
Michael Kang
USBA National Qualifier
Carom Cafe Billiards
Flushing New York
January 23, 2016
(1 confirmed)
 Allen Castillo
Milpitas California
January 31, 2016
(1 confirmed)
Felipe Razon
Alfredo Sanches
Thang Le
Olegario Gallo
Chicago Illinois
February 14, 2016
(2 confirmed)
Francisco Palafox
Ricardo Carranco
Vicky Pineda
Carlos Alvarez
Hillario Augustin
Billal Khalifa
Burbank California
Februrary 28, 2016
(6 confirmed)
Larry Hundley
Carlos Ramos
Camilo Medina
Ron Hopkins
Kyung S Kim
Paul Feltman Sr
Paul Feltman Jr
Raye Raskin
Paul Frankel
Charles Brown
Baldomero Tejeda
Hector Ocampo
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Lizarraga
Justin Lee
Sabino Manriquez
Paid Entries
(16 confirmed)

 Names with a strike-through will not be attending. 40 Players confurmed as of March 16, 2016.

National Championship Players Gallery

Click any image to start the slideshow of all of our players in the 2016 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship Tournament